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Diesel engine water pump leakage should be solved like this

20 Jan 2021Email

If the diesel engine pump is leaking, it is generally felt that the installation is too tight or too loose. Observe the dynamic and static ring planes of the mechanical seal. If there is severe scorching, the plane will become black and deep marks, and the sealing rubber will become hard and lose its elasticity. This phenomenon is caused by too tight installation. At this time, you only need to adjust the installation height of the diesel engine water pump. After the impeller is installed, use a screwdriver to pull the spring. The spring has a strong tension, and it will reset after loosening, with a movement distance of 24MM. If it is too loose, adjust the installation height. After the impeller is installed, use a screwdriver to pull the spring. The spring has a strong tension, and it will reset when it is loosened. It has a moving distance of 24MM.

  Automatic control cabinet of oil machine:

   1. With manual and automatic control functions. When the self-start signal is input or the start button is manually pressed, the controller automatically completes the program control and process control of self-start, unit operation, fault shutdown protection, etc.

   2. Automatic monitoring function. Automatically monitor the change of the engine's advice during the process of starting, idling, speed-up, full-speed, etc., and automatically complete the start-up and withdrawal of the starter motor, over-limit shutdown for excessively high and low speeds, and output operating (close) signals after normal speed Wait. Diesel engine running status display function. According to the current operating status of the system, the indicator or display indicates the current state of the equipment, including: standby, start-up, fuel supply, auto-start, speed display, idle delay, normal operation, cooling shutdown, emergency shutdown, etc.

   In the long-term operation of the water pump, the bearing chamber of the water pump bearing frame is often worn, the bearing position is worn, the pump body is cracked and broken, the water pump is cavitation, and erosion wear.

  The reasons for the leakage of diesel engine water pump are as follows:

   1. The mechanical seal is worn and the rubber parts are aging and damaged

   2. Whether the sealing surface, O-ring, and gasket are misplaced, damaged, or the fastening bolts are loose.


  1, trim and replace

  2, trim the seals and tighten the bolts

other reasons

   1. The water pipe connection is leaking. If it is newly installed, the chance is small. Measures: reinstall after disassembly

  2. The water pump leaks when pumping water. Generally, the water seal leaks. Measures: remove the water pump and replace the water seal

  3. The water pump is leaking for a long time. It may be that the upper water pipe is not installed with a check valve on the outlet side of the water pump. Measures: install a check valve,

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