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Detailed parameters and performance curves of MD85-80X9 mining multistage pump

25 Sep 2021Email

MD85-80X9 mining multi-stage pump

  Model: MD85-80X9

  Rated flow (m3/h): 85

  Rated head (m): 720

  Rated efficiency (%): 65

  Shaft power (kw): 256.57

  Cavitation (m): 4.4

  The maximum outer diameter of the impeller: 252 (mm)

  Speed ​​(rpm): 2950

  Impeller series: 9

  Impeller material: ZG230-450, QT500-7

  Pump body material: ZG230-450, QT500-7

  Guide vane material: QT500-7

  Passing particles: <0.5mm

  Medium temperature: ≤80℃

  Motor power (kw): 315

  Motor model: Y3554-2

  Structure type: single pump base

  Impeller steering: clockwise

  Inlet and outlet caliber size: DN

  Import caliber: 100

  Export caliber: 100

  Weight (kg): 1860


MD mining multi-stage pump system is a hydraulic model adopting high-efficiency and energy-saving products. The horizontal single-suction multi-stage segmented centrifugal pump developed by our factory is continuously updated and developed for conveying neutral mineral water with a solid particle content of not more than 1.5% ( The particle size is less than 0.5 mm) and other similar sewage. The temperature of the conveyed medium is not greater than 80°C. It is suitable for steel plants, mine drainage, sewage transportation and other occasions. It has the advantages of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, convenient installation and maintenance, long operating life, etc., and reliable product performance.

MD mining multi-stage pump


MD85-80X9 mining multi-stage pump performance curve

MD85-80X9 mining multi-stage pump performance curve


MD85-80X9 Mining Multistage Pump Installation Diagram

MD85-80X9 Mining Multistage Pump Installation Diagram


MD85-80X9 mining multi-stage pump structure diagram

MD85-80X9 mining multi-stage pump structure diagram

   MD type mining multi-stage centrifugal pump is a horizontal, single-suction, multi-stage segmented centrifugal pump. The inlet of the pump is horizontal and the outlet is vertical. The suction section, the middle section and the water outlet section of the pump are connected into a whole with a tension bolt.

   Horizontal multi-stage pump rotor components are mainly composed of impellers, balance plates and other parts mounted on the shaft. Both ends of the rotor are supported by single-row radial rolling bearings lubricated with butter. The rotor axial force is balanced by the balance plate.

Sealing of the pump: The static joint surface between the inlet section, the middle section and the outlet section is sealed with molybdenum disulfide, and it is also sealed with a paper gasket. It must be sealed with raw materials when reinstalling after disassembly. In order to prevent water from entering the bearings at both ends, the use of " O" type rubber ring and water retaining ring seal. The rotating part and the fixed part of the pump are sealed by a sealing ring, guide vane sleeve and packing. A certain pressure of water is passed into the filling cavity, which plays a role of water sealing and cooling.

  The transmission of the pump is directly driven by the motor through the coupling. Looking at the pump from the direction of the motor, the pump rotates in a clockwise direction.

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