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CDL85-50 multi-stage pump detailed parameters and performance curve

25 Nov 2021Email

CDL85-50 multistage pump

   Model: CDL85-50 

       Rated flow (m3/h): 85

   Rated head (m): 110

   Rated efficiency (%): 71

   Shaft power (kw): 35.9

   Impeller series: 5

   Speed (rpm): 2900

   Impeller material: 304/316L

   Guide vane material: 304/316L

   Rubber code: NBR/EPDM

   Pump head, inlet and outlet section: HT200

   Environmental temperature: maximum +40℃

   Connection method: standard flange PN25/DN25

   Connection code: F

   Medium temperature normal temperature type: -15℃~+70℃

   Medium temperature hot water type: -15℃~+120℃

   Motor power (kw): 37

   Motor phase number: three-phase

   Protection level: IP55

   Insulation class: F

   Mechanical seal: CDLA-22

   Impeller steering: clockwise

   Weight (kg): 375


CDL85-50 multi-stage pump performance curve

CDL85-50 multi-stage pump performance curve


CDL85-50 multi-stage pump installation drawing

CDL85-50 multi-stage pump installation drawing


CDL85-50 multi-stage pump structure diagram

CDL85-50 multi-stage pump structure diagram


The vertical multi-stage pump optimizes the mechanical seal structure and adopts a novel set of independent replacement structure, which can transport various different media from tap water to industrial liquids. It is suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges, and is also suitable for mild corrosion. Sexual liquid. The biggest advantage of the vertical multistage pump is the advanced hydraulic model design, high efficiency and high energy saving. The internal impeller, pump casing and main accessories of the water pump are made of stainless steel stamping and forming. The flow channel is particularly smooth. The bearing bush and sleeve are made of cemented carbide, which has a super long service life and avoids secondary pollution.

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