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What is a pump control valve?

30 Jan 2024Email

         Water pump control valve is water pressure control valve, water pump control valve is composed of a main valve and its attached catheter, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge. According to the purpose of use, function and different places can be evolved into remote control float valve, pressure reducing valve, slow closing check valve, flow control valve, pressure relief valve, hydraulic electric control valve, water pump control valve and so on. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline. The filter should be installed before the pump control valve, and it should be easy to discharge the requirements.

         The types of pump control valves are generally divided into two kinds, their work is similar, there is a main control valve to control all equipment, the two valves are mainly divided into piston type and diaphragm type, they are used together. The working principle of the two types of piston and diaphragm valves is similar, mainly through the pressure to control the switch, at the same time of control, the first use of dual-mode plate control, and then the valve body screw outside the control valve. The valve is not only used with the pipeline, but also connected with the pump in many cases, especially when the switch of the pump is opened, the internal pressure will be generated, and the pressure can directly push the valve to open, and then start the valve console. The safety of this valve is relatively high, especially the control performance, generally do not need to manually operate the console, only need to open the pump after you can directly use the valve body on the opening and closing device to control, and open and close the speed is very fast.

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