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High lift choose multi-stage centrifugal pump or plunger pump?

25 Oct 2023Email

         Plunger pump and multistage centrifugal pump belong to the pump that can reach a high lift, and the lift can reach more than kilometers, so when the same high lift, should you choose a multistage centrifugal pump or a plunger pump? Changsha Zhonglian Pump industry suggests that you can consider the following factors:

multistage pump(106)

         1、 fluid properties: need to consider the viscosity of the fluid, specific gravity, corrosion, containing solid particles and other characteristics. The adaptability of the plunger pump to the medium is strong, and it can transport the medium with high viscosity, high temperature, corrosive and containing solid particles. The multistage pump is generally suitable for transporting clean water or low-viscosity media.

         2、 flow and head: need to consider the required flow and head size. Under certain head conditions, the flow rate and pressure will change. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate pump type and parameters according to the actual flow and head size.

         3、control requirements: need to consider the flow and pressure control requirements. The plunger pump is designed to provide very high pressure and precise flow control, and therefore performs well in applications requiring high precision control and high pressure. Multistage centrifugal pumps are generally unable to provide accurate flow control and are suitable for applications with small flow changes.

         4、the use of costs: need to consider the purchase of pumps, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of the cost. The plunger pump generally has a higher price, but a long service life and low maintenance costs. The multistage centrifugal pump is more moderate in price, but it needs regular maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, and the maintenance cost is higher.

        To sum up, the choice of plunger pump or multistage centrifugal pump needs to consider the above factors, according to the actual needs to choose the appropriate pump type and parameters, in order to achieve the best working effect.

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