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How to connect the external cooling water pipe of the boiler feed pump?

17 Oct 2023Email

        Normally, the boiler feed pump and cooling water system are independent, and they can be connected by pipes. In the specific connection, if the boiler feed pump and the cooling water system are in the same room, they can be connected through the ground pipe. At the interface, a three - or four-way valve can be installed so that water can be directed to the feed pump or cooling water system if needed, or closed to stop the flow.

Multistage boiler feed pump

        If the feed pump and cooling water system are in different locations or rooms, they need to be connected by underground pipes or surface pipes. In this case, it may be necessary to install multiple three-way or four-way valves on the pipe so that the flow of water can be flexibly controlled when required. Pipe joints and sealing gaskets need to be installed at the interface. During the installation, special attention should be paid to fastening and sealing the joints to prevent water leakage.

        In short, when connecting the boiler feed pump and cooling water system, it is necessary to design and construct a suitable pipeline connection scheme according to the specific situation. At the same time, it is also necessary to carry out construction in strict accordance with safety norms and operating processes, and carry out necessary testing and debugging.

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