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Long shaft deep well pump supplier model and price

31 Dec 2022Email

What is a long shaft deep well pump

Long shaft deep well pump, literally, many people should be able to understand, is the type of pump that is very thin and long in appearance, and can be used in deep wells in function. In fact, a deep well only describes how deep the water pump can be placed. From the perspective of working conditions, it means that it can transport water from deep places, such as seaside, lakes, rivers, farmland, factories and so on.

Long shaft deep well pump type

When it comes to types, we can basically divide them into two categories: one is submersible long-axis deep well pumps; the other is submerged long-axis deep well pumps.

Submersible deep well pump is a type of pump that can place the motor and the pump in the water together;

Submersible deep well pump

The submerged long-axis deep well pump is that the pump body can be placed on the water pump, but the motor needs to be placed above the liquid level.