Multistage Pump: Mine Drainage System

Multistage pump always use for mining pits to drain water from underground to the surface. It is the most critical method to ensure safety on mining engineering. I will start to introduce the importance of mine drainage and how the process works.
Purpose and requirements of mine drainage

Purpose of mine drainage

The mine water is discharged to the ground in time to create a good working environment for underground and ensure safe production.


Requirements of mine drainage equipment

* The stability of all mine drainage equipment including multistage pump.

* High performance of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

* Explosion proof and energy saving of the equipment.



Process of mine drainage

The water is drained from the gushing point to the panel water tank by the water pump (such as multistage pump or submersible pump) and the pipeline, and then the water is discharged to the main water tank through the fixed drainage equipment of the panel water tank, and finally the water is discharged to the ground by the main water tank drainage equipment.


Mineral water source
It is mainly from surface water and groundwater, and water during mining engineering.
1. Surface water has rivers, lakes and lakes, atmospheric precipitation, snow melting, etc.
2. Underground water has aquifers, water cuts and so on.
3. Water during mining engineering has wastewater generated by hydraulic mining, water sand filling and other processes.


Water inflow
1. Absolute water inflow: The volume of water that flows into the mine per unit of time (m3/h).
2. Maximum water inflow: the amount of water inrush at the peak of a flood in a certain period.
3. Normal water inflow: The same amount of water in other periods.
3. Relative water inflow: the amount of water in the same period relative to the unit of coal production.


Water propery
1. Temperature: Increase with the depth of the well.
2. Density: Larger than clear water. ρ=1015~1025kg/m3.
3. Chemical properties.
The mining water is slightly acidic. When PH<5, measures should be taken:
One way is to neutralize the water with an alkaline substance such as lime before draining.
Another way is to use acid-resistant pump drainage to protect the pipeline from acid.

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