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Undersea Oil Pipeline Project In IndonesiaPetrochemical

05 Sep 2018
Project Introduction
The project is the undersea oil pipeline construction of Pertamina undertaken by TianCheng Electrical Marine Equipment Pty Ltd.from Singapore. Zoomlian provide the high pressure seawater pump to solve the technical problem on submarine construction.Constructors will have to dig a three-meter deep trench at a depth of 200 meters to lay the pipeline. The offshore drilling platform is 20 kilometers far away from the coastline. As a result, constructors are unable to utilize the conventional equipment to operate on the seabed. If they choose technical device (such as submarine robot), the cost will be greatly increased.After serious consideration, the most suitable way is using high pressure water to impact seabed.The idea is to use large cargo ship to push rubber pipes in the sea floor where high pressure water flows through the pipes. Under such circumstance, they have to use high pressure seawater pump.
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Project Requirement

1.Pump power
As the ship has no suited electric power to operate the pump, they have to use diesel engine for high pressure seawater pump.

2.Pump pressure
Pushing seabed out of a three-meter deep trench not only require the high pressure of pump outlet, but the pressure of seawater itself at a depth of 200 meters. Zoomlian recommend multistage water pump with high lift.


3.Pump material
As strong corrosion and high salinity of seawater, the pump flow passage components should have the properties of anti corrosion and abrasive resistance.

4.The importance of stability
The site is far away from the land. If anything occurs to the pump, it is difficult to maintain. Because there is no consumable accessories to replace, the self-balancing multistage pump operates an excellent condition in stability.


On-site Operating Vedio

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Optional Product
Self-balance Multistage Stainless Steel Pump
  • Capacity:6.3-1100m³/h
  • Head:7.5-180bar
  • Price:$8400-71200
Multistage Stainless Steel Pump (Balance Disc)
  • Capacity:6.3-850m³/h
  • Head:1.7-100bar
  • Price:$3700-51200
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