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Shanxi Coking Project Chemical Industry

01 Sep 2018
Project Introduction
Shanxi Coking is a comprehensive enterprise of coking production, with an annual output of 3.6 million tons of coke, 130,000 tons of urea, 25,000 tons of ammonium sulfate, 200,000 tons of methanol, 80,000 tons of carbon black, and 300,000 tons of processed coal tar as well as crude benzene 100,000 tons per year. In the chemical process, the existence of high temperature, corrosive, toxic and flammable, flammable, explosive and other working conditions is extremely common. In recent years, with the rapid development of the coking industry, how to ensure and improve the safe transportation of chemical media in the production process and achieve the corresponding safety indicators has become a major problem for Shanxi Coking. The ammonia water system plays an important role in the whole production. The circulating ammonia water is mainly used to cool the gas coming out of the coke oven, which is an indispensable process before the purification of the waste gas. Ammonia water has a pungent
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Project Requirement

1. Corrosive resistance issue
Most metals and non-metals are slightly corrosive in liquid ammonia and ammonia water (ammonium hydroxide), and copper and copper alloys are not suitable for use. Most of the company's products are suitable for the transport of ammonia and ammonia.

2. Seal issue
 For static sealing, there are usually only two types of gaskets and seals, and round section ring is widely used. For dynamic seals, mechanical seals are mainly used, and mechanical seals have single-end and double-end, balanced and unbalanced types. Balanced type for high pressure media sealing (usually referred to as pressure 1.0MPa) The double-face machine seal is mainly used for high temperature, easy crystallization, viscosity, particle-containing and toxic volatilized medium. The double-end machine seal should inject the isolation liquid into the sealed cavity, and the pressure is generally higher than the medium pressure of 0.07~0.1MPa. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a double-faced machine seal.

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