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Power Plant Project In BangladeshElectricity

03 Sep 2018
Project Introduction
Baraka patenga power Ltd. is located in Chittagong, a port city of Bangladesh. Baraka patenga power Ltd. was changed from a private company to a state-owned company in 2014 to build a new power plant to fulfill the growing requirements of electricity for Bangladesh. Because it is in the thermal power plant, the boiler feed pump investment accounts for a large proportion. the pump power is large and the operating cost is high. Therefore, choosing a pump with high-efficiency and energy-saving will play a major role in safe and economic operation.
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Project Requirement

1.Principle of energy-saving and high-efficiency
The structure of self balancing boiler feed pump has been innovated by Zoomlian comparing to the conventional multistage centrifugal pump. Eliminating the axial force balance mechanism of the multistage centrifugal pump. It is the best alternative product to the DG multistage centrifugal pump with balance disc or balance drum structure.The efficiency of the pump is 3-12% higher than that of the conventional multistage pump due to the lack of balancing device, in other words, it means there is no frictional loss caused by balancing disc and no balancing return loss.

2.Safety and economic operation
The easy way to disassembly design allows the self balancing boiler feed pump to replace the sealing and bearing without disassembling the pump body and inlet and outlet pipeline. As there is no wearing parts such as the balancing plate and balancing ring, it will save a lot of time for overhaul and inspection. The rotor parts and impellers are made from precision castings which will reduce the number of maintenance and extending the life of pump and lowering cost.

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Optional Product
Single Stage End Suction Hot Water Pump
  • Capacity:5.4-400m³/h
  • Head:0.4-12.5bar
  • Price:$420-4700
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