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Coal Mine Project In RussiaMining Industry

27 Aug 2018
Project Introduction
The project is coal mining in Kuzbas, Russia. Most of the project is opencast mining and a small part is underground mining. Opencast mining water would easily pour into the underground and the well could generate underground water during mining. They have to repair the pumps more often while using the conventional multistage pump which not only increase the cost, but also affect the promptness of drainage and the entire safety. To solve the difficulty, they visited many pump manufacturers and choose self balancing abrasion resistance multistage pump for mine made by Zoomlian Pump Co., Ltd. after multiple comparison. 
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Project Requirement

1.Stability of the pump
Due to defect of the structure, the balance of axial force has always been the most difficult issue for pump manufacturers over the years. Non failure operation time is quite short and the balance force gradually declined since the abrasion to balancing ring and balancing plate. It is easy to cause vibration, more noise and efficiency decline, the worst part is the pump can not work functionally and has been scraped. The self balancing abrasion resistance multistage pump for mine is symmetrically right and left impellers designed, the axial thrust during operation can be balanced from impellers of both sides. The self balancing multistage pump does not need balancing system and can continuously operate more than 8000 hours in a year and the efficiency increase 3 to 12 percent comparing with the conventional one.

2.High lift and large flow requirements
Single stage for self balancing abrasion resistance multistage pump is 150 meters. The total head is 1500 meters. The maximum capacity is 1100m³/h. It can apply for various mines such as coal mine, gold mine, iron mine, diamond mine, oil mine and so on.

Customers say this

We used to say that our facilities are aging, which can not work functionally, affecting the company's efficiency. ZB pump solves this problem for us and will cooperate with them in the future.

Optional Product
Self-balance Multistage Mine Pump
  • Capacity:6.3-1100m³/h
  • Head:7.5-180bar
  • Price:$4250-71230
Self-balance Multistage Stainless Steel Pump
  • Capacity:6.3-1100m³/h
  • Head:7.5-180bar
  • Price:$8400-71200
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