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Corrosion resistant chemical pump common faults and solutions

20 Nov 2023Email

         Corrosion resistant chemical pump in the use of the process may be due to customer improper operation, or other reasons to cause some problems, then when the corrosion resistant chemical pump after these problems, we need to solve it? Today, we will simply understand how to solve the problem of corrosion resistance chemical pump?

chemical pump(3)

        1. What should be done when the pump can not start or the reason for the large starting load?

        The prime mover or power supply is abnormal.

        Treatment method: Check the power supply and prime mover.

        2. What should I do when the pump is stuck?

        Treatment method: It is to check the coupling by hand, disassemble and check if necessary to eliminate the fault of the dynamic and static part.

        3. What should be done when the filler is pressed too tightly?

        Treatment: is to relax the filler.

        4. What should be done when the balance tube is not unobstructed?

        Treatment method: dredge the balance tube.

        Second, the possible causes and treatment methods of the interruption after the pump discharge are as follows:

        1. Air leakage in the suction pipe.

        Treatment method: It is to check the connection of the suction pipe and the sealing of the packing.

        2. The suction side gas is not discharged when the pump is pumped.

        Treatment method: is to re-fill the pump.

        3. The suction side is suddenly blocked by foreign matter.

        Treatment method: Stop the pump to deal with foreign bodies.

        Third, chemical pump motor overheating causes and treatment methods

        It may be caused by excessive water supply leading to motor overload, motor lack of phase, blockage of exhaust holes, and impeller dragging other components.

        It can reduce the water supply to the normal range, check whether the wiring is firm, check the exhaust port, and open the pump cover to adjust the clearance between the impeller and other components.

        Fourth, when the bearing heat should be dealt with

        1. Repair or replace bearing tiles.

        2. Readjust bearing clearance or scraping.

        3. Increase the amount of fuel or replace the lubricating oil.

        4. Check bearing assembly as required to eliminate non-conforming factors.

        5. Maintenance and repair on time.

        6. Repair bearings or scrap them. If loose, or retighten the bolt.

        7. Timing correction of pump shaft.

        The above is just a simple introduction to the possible causes and treatment methods of corrosion resistant chemical pump, if you can not handle it yourself, please contact the manufacturer to assist in processing.

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