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How to deal with the long shaft pump that cannot draw water?

30 May 2023Email

       The application of the long shaft pump is widespread, and many users have encountered the situation where the vertical long shaft pump cannot draw water during use. What is the reason for this and how to solve it? Today, Zhonglian Pump Industry will help you solve the mystery.


       Structurally, the suction port of the long shaft pump is vertically downwards and the outlet is horizontal. It operates without vacuum start, with a single foundation installation and a small base area. The water pump and the motor are directly connected, and when viewed from the motor end, the impeller parts of the water pump rotate counterclockwise. The performance is optimized using hydraulic design software and considered the anti-wear properties of the impeller and guide vanes, greatly improving their service life. The product runs smoothly, is safe and reliable, and energy-saving.

       1、The motor of the vertical long shaft pump is reversed. This problem is easy to solve. You only need to adjust the wiring sequence of the motor and adjust it to rotate in the correct direction.

       2、The pump head is above the liquid level, or there is an empty rotation without water. For this problem, you need to lower the position of the long shaft pump's pump head to allow the liquid to enter the pump head so that the impeller can hit the water.

       3、The shaft core of the long shaft pump breaks, causing it to fail to synchronize with the impeller. To solve this problem, you need to replace the shaft core of the vertical long shaft pump.

       4、The head exceeds the working range of the long shaft pump, and the pump has no ability to move the liquid out. Measure the head data again, compare it with the long shaft pump head, and replace the pump with a higher head.

5、The inlet is blocked or the impeller is blocked. Check the pipeline inlet and impeller, and clear them out.

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