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Maintenance skills of liquid sewage pump

25 Jan 2023Email

Basic skills for the maintenance of submerged sewage pump:

1. The submerged sewage pump maintenance, first remove the pump from the storage tank, remove the motor and the frame, remove the lower pump shell, knock off the lower shaft sleeve and impeller (pay attention to the anticorrosive layer on the pump shaft) loosen the upper bearing sitting 6 hexagon bolts, and then pull out the positive pump shaft and bearing parts together can be repaired.

2. When the hydraulic submerged sewage pump is repaired and reassembled after replacing the wearing parts, see the bearing seat and bearing mounted together on the upper part of the pump shaft, seal the upper and lower bearing covers, install the coupling and tighten the round nut, correct the bending of the pump shaft, insert the pump with the bearing seat downward into the pump body, and then install the bearing seat on the middle seat, adjust the clearance between the impeller and the upper and lower pump shell. The impeller and the lower shaft sleeve and the impeller coupling cap together with phenolic cement on the pump shaft, and the phenolic cement is completely cured before the lower pump cover is installed. After the assembly is completed, rotate the pump shaft on the coupling by hand to see if it is normal. For example, when replacing the bearing and pump shaft, first remove the round nut and coupling on the upper end of the pump shaft, loosen the 12 screws on the upper and lower bearing cover, and then push the bearing upwards.

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