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What is the scope of application of different centrifugal pumps?

27 May 2022Email

The following is the analysis of different centrifugal pumps in different ranges:

ISG, IRG, GRG, IHG, YG, TEB series inline centrifugal pump adopts IS-type pump performance parameters and hydraulic model. The machine and pump are integrated, the inlet and outlet diameters are the same and are located on the same horizontal line, and the shaft seal adopts a mechanical seal. TEB is the latest product developed by our factory according to the inconvenience of installation and disassembly due to the limitation of space and lifting equipment when users maintain the pump.


Inline Pump

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1. ISG type pipeline pump is suitable for heating and air conditioning system cold and hot water circulation, high-rise building water supply, fire pipeline pressurization, long-distance water delivery, industrial production process cycle pressurization, garden sprinkler irrigation, and the medium is clear water or similar physical and chemical properties. Other media in water. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 80°C.

2. The IRG type hot water pipeline centrifugal pump is mainly used for the circulation of cold and hot water in heating rooms, boilers and bathrooms, and the pressurized circulation of non-corrosive hot water in various industries. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 150°C.

3. GRG high temperature pipeline centrifugal pump is mainly used for conveying non-corrosive high temperature liquid in boiler water supply and drainage circulation, cold and hot water circulation, heating and other industries. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 200°C.

4. IHG chemical pipeline centrifugal pump is mainly used in chemical industry, environmental protection, instrument brewing, pharmaceutical, papermaking, light textile and other industries to pressurize and transport chemically corrosive liquids. The medium temperature does not exceed 100 ℃

5. YG type pipeline oil pump is used to transport non-corrosive oil and petroleum products without solid particles and viscosity less than 120 centistokes. The temperature of the conveying medium is -20~80℃.

6. TEB is a detachable vertical pipeline pump, which can be applied to the above various working environments by changing the material.

Performance range

Flow: 5.6~720m3;/h

Head: 5~125m

Maximum working pressure: 1.6MPa (caliber 200 and below), 1.0MPa (caliber above 200)

The inlet pressure is less than or equal to 0.3MPa (when the order exceeds 0.3MPa, it should be specified)

The inlet and outlet of the ISG, IRG, GRG, IHG, YG, TEB series pipeline pumps are of the same size and in the same horizontal direction, at 180°C. The main parts of the pump are pump body, pump cover, impeller, sealing ring, motor bracket, etc. The shaft seal of the pump and motor coaxial (TEB type is an independent pump shaft) adopts high-quality mechanical seal. From the motor side, the pump rotates clockwise.

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