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The current situation of water ring vacuum pump

22 Jan 2022Email

Because the water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor have the characteristics of simple structure and convenient use and maintenance, they have been widely used in all walks of life. Especially with the characteristics of isothermal compression, it is easy to suck and compress flammable and explosive gases.

Due to the development of coal mine, chemical industry, pharmacy, papermaking and other industries, the requirements for water ring vacuum pump are more and more large-scale. According to incomplete statistics, the output of large pumps in the country has reached more than hundreds of units. These products are mainly used in:


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(1) Coal mining industry

As the country has strengthened the safety requirements for coal mines, water-ring vacuum pumps, especially large-scale water-ring vacuum pumps, have become a necessary safety requirement for the coal mining industry. 400m3/min extra-large water ring vacuum pump is used to remove gas, and some large coal mines use 7--8 large pumps above 100m3/min. As the country further strengthens safety work, large and extra-large water ring vacuum pumps will be more and more widely used in coal mine systems.

In addition, due to the rapid increase in coal production, the vacuum filters used in coal washing and coal preparation have also developed into large-scale aspects. It was bigger at the time. In recent years, coal mine filters are equipped with large-scale water ring vacuum pumps with an air extraction capacity of 80-150m3/min, some of which reach more than 200m3/min, and the air capacity continues to increase.


(2) Chemical industry

a) Chlor-alkali industry

In recent years, my country has launched many large-scale capital construction and technological transformation projects. The real children of these projects need a lot of PVC materials, especially the prosperity of real estate, which has further promoted the development of the PVC industry. According to the chlor-alkali industry Statistics show that my country produced 4.1 million tons of PVC last year and imported 200 tons. According to the industry's forecast, the national demand in 2005 will reach 8 million tons, and in 2010 it will reach 15 million tons. It is precisely because of the rapid increase in demand that enterprises in my country's chlor-alkali industry have been renovated and expanded. In one or two years, many new enterprises have been opened. For the development of chlor-alkali enterprises, it is necessary to support the water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor to extract and compress acetylene and hydrogen. For enterprises with caustic soda and 100,000 tons of PVC, the required water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor are more than 70m3/min.

What needs to be specially introduced here is that it is precisely because of the development of this industry that the development and production of high-I force water ring compressors are promoted and accelerated.

For a long time, my country's water ring compressors generally have a discharge pressure of 0.1MPa when the suction pressure is 1 atmosphere or slightly lower than the air pressure, that is, the compression ratio is 2. Some companies have produced water rings with a discharge pressure of 25MPaG. compressor, and only 1--2 specifications. In order to adapt to the production of polyvinyl chloride, 91, the former State Council Major Equipment Office put forward the concept of a water ring compressor for vinyl chloride recovery in the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" major technical equipment research project-annual production of 4 tons of low polymerization degree polyvinyl chloride equipment. To develop and tackle key issues, this water ring compressor for recovering vinyl chloride monomer requires that when the suction pressure is normal pressure or slightly negative pressure, the discharge pressure should reach 0.55-0.6MPaG, and the discharge volume should reach 700m3/ min. After several years of hard work, our company passed the technical appraisal organized by the former National Machinery Ministry in December 1996, and the guest technology has reached the key requirements. On the basis of this product, our company has developed a series of products, the displacement from 90m3/min to 2000m. /h. Since this equipment is one of the key equipments in the PVC industry, this water-ring compressor has been popularized and applied under the situation of large-scale PVC projects across the country in recent years, completely replacing imports.

b) Fertilizer industry

The chemical fertilizer industry, especially the production of phosphate fertilizers, is also a key industry supported by my country's economic macro-control. Because the technological transformation of new projects and old enterprises are above the level and the scale is mainly, large and extra-large water ring vacuum pumps have also been obtained here. For example, a phosphate fertilizer enterprise in Yunnan added 3 extra-large water ring pumps with a pumping capacity of 300m3/min in one renovation.

In addition, there are many phosphate fertilizer enterprises that require a large pumping capacity when the absolute pressure is 80--100hPa, so the two-stage water-ring vacuum pump and the two-stage water-ring vacuum pump with atmospheric ejector are used here. Under such conditions, it has unique advantages. Many chemical fertilizer enterprises have eliminated the reciprocating vacuum pump with large vibration and noise and high vacuum, and replaced it with a two-stage water ring vacuum pump, and received better results. It can be said that two-stage water Ring vacuum pumps will be more and more widely used in this industry.

c) Paper industry

At the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, my country's national debt investment in the paper industry accounted for a large proportion, and paper mills all over the country scrambled to improve the level and scale, which greatly stimulated the development and production of large-scale water ring vacuum pumps. A paper mill in Northeast China 6 extra-large water-ring vacuum pumps (the largest water-ring vacuum pump produced in my country at present) with a pumping capacity of 400IIl3/min are retrofitted at a time, with a total power distribution of 400kW. It can be said that 50% of the large-scale water-ring vacuum pumps with a pumping capacity of more than 100m3/min in recent years are used in the paper industry, and this development trend continues unabated.

d) Pharmaceutical industry

Vacuum concentration, dehydration, drying and distillation are the main technological processes of pharmaceutical companies, and the technological transformation of pharmaceutical companies is also on the level and scale, which is more obvious in some large pharmaceutical companies. In the past, most of the small pumps below 10m3/min were used, but now, in the project bidding of these enterprises, the medium and large pumps with the air pumping capacity above 20m3/min have accounted for the majority. In addition, many factories in the pharmaceutical industry used two-stage water-ring vacuum pumps with a pumping capacity of 6-12m3/min in the past, but now they are equipped with two-stage water-ring vacuum pumps of 20-30m3/min, and some even reach 60m3/min For example, a joint venture pharmaceutical factory in Sichuan bought 10 pumps with a pumping capacity of 60m3/min last year.

In addition to the above industries, food and beer companies in the light industry and vacuum systems in metallurgy, power generation, petrochemical, building materials and other industries are all developing towards large-scale aspects. However, the water-ring vacuum pump required in last year's technical renovation project equipment bidding required the pumping capacity to reach 140m3/min.

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