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Mechanical classification of sewage pumps

12 Jan 2022Email

   1.Vertical sewage pump

   Sewage pumps can be divided into self-priming sewage pumps, submerged sewage pumps, knife-type sewage pumps and automatic mixing sewage pumps according to different sewage pumping methods. The vertical sewage pump adopts a unique single-blade or double-blade impeller structure, which greatly improves the dirt passing capacity. It can effectively pass 5 times the diameter of the pump diameter and solid particles with a diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter. Vertical sewage pump, which can be mobile or fixed installation, is used for pumping and discharging sewage in construction, farmland irrigation, and enterprise processes. In addition to transporting sewage, it is also suitable for drainage pumps, pulp pumps, For irrigation, etc. Purpose: Waste water discharge of enterprise units. Discharge system of urban sewage treatment plant. Drainage stations for subways, basements, and civil air defense systems. Sewage discharge from hospitals, hotels, and high-rise buildings. Sewage drainage station in residential area. Municipal engineering, the discharge of thin mud in construction sites. The water supply device of a water plant. Sewage discharge from farms and irrigation of rural farmland.

Vertical sewage pump

   2. Submersible sewage pump

   Submersible sewage pump is a pump product used in the environmental protection industry to transport solid-liquid mixed liquids such as domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, mud, etc. containing solid particles and fibers. WQ submersible sewage pump is composed of sewage pump, sealing system, submersible motor, control and protection system, automatic installation system and other parts. The difference from general sewage pumps is: WQ submersible sewage pumps rotate coaxially with the motor, and work under the liquid at the same time. The sealing system of the pump can effectively prevent liquid from entering the motor cavity and protect the safe operation of the motor. The control and protection system enables the pump to alarm in time and shut down for repairs in the event of water leakage, oil leakage, overload, overheating, or lack of equivalence.

Submersible sewage pump

   3. Self-priming sewage pump

  The self-priming sewage pump adopts a unique single-blade or double-blade impeller structure, which greatly improves the dirt passing capacity, and can effectively pass 5 times the diameter of the pump diameter and solid particles with a diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter. The mechanical seal of the self-priming sewage pump adopts a new type of hard and corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material. At the same time, the seal is improved to a double end seal, so that it can run in the oil chamber for a long time, which can make the pump safe and continuous operation for more than 8000 hours. The self-priming non-clogging sewage pump has a compact structure, small size, low noise, significant energy saving effect, convenient maintenance, no need to build a pump room, and the self-priming sewage pump can work in the water, greatly reducing the project cost. The sealed oil chamber of the self-priming sewage pump is equipped with a high-precision anti-interference water leakage detection sensor, and the thermal element is embedded in the stator winding to absolutely protect the water pump motor.

self-priming sewage pump

  4. Automatic stirring sewage pump

     The automatic stirring sewage pump adopts an automatic stirring device on the basis of an ordinary sewage pump. The device rotates with the motor shaft to produce a strong stirring force, which stirs the sediment in the sewage tank into suspended matter, which is sucked into the pump and discharged, which improves The pump's anti-blocking and sewage discharge capabilities can complete drainage, cleaning, and silt removal at one time, and save operating costs. It is an environmentally friendly product with obvious advancement and usability. Note: It is an ordinary automatic mixing sewage pump; it is an automatic mixing sewage pump with a stainless steel jacket inner circulating cooling system.

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