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4 major development trends of submersible pumps

08 Apr 2022Email

The submersible pump itself and the pumping station that chooses the submersible pump have many advantages. In the future, the domestic demand for submersible electric pumps will continue to grow.


submersible pump

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A. Structural features:

1. QJ series submersible electric pump for wells is composed of two parts: submersible three-phase asynchronous electric motor and water pump. The motor is directly connected with the upper pump body, and the upper end of the motor shaft is provided with a reliable shaft sealing device, which can effectively prevent the exchange between the cooling liquid in the motor and the pumped medium, and ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of the water pump.

2. The submersible pump is a single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump; the submersible motor is a water-filled wet type and a submersible asynchronous motor for vertical wells. The motor and the water pump are directly connected through the barrel coupling.

3. The motor winding is nylon sheathed polyethylene water-resistant magnet wire. Fill the motor cavity with clean water.

4. The motor guide bearing adopts water lubricating bearing. There is no thrust bearing at the lower part of the motor that can withstand the upper and lower axial force of the pump. The thrust bearing of the high-lift pump adopts a nickel-containing copper sector block, and it is ground with imported Philebos sliding plate, which can bear the upper and lower axial force of the pump. .

5. The high-lift submersible pump adds an axial load carrier between the pump and the motor, and the lift can be increased to 900m.


B. Features of stainless steel submersible pump:

1. The motor and the water pump are integrated, submerged in the water to run, safe and reliable.

2. There are no special requirements for the well pipe, as long as the water pipe can withstand the corresponding pressure.

3. The installation, use and maintenance are convenient and simple, the floor area is small, and there is no need to build a pump room.

4. Simple structure, saving raw materials.

5. The maximum flow can reach 1000 tons per hour, and the lift can reach 1500 meters.

3. Use environment and conditions:

1. Three-phase AC power supply with a power frequency of 50Hz and a rated voltage of 380v or 660v (tolerance + -5%).

2. The solid content (by mass) is not more than 0.01%.

3. The acidity PH value of the pumped liquid is 1-14.

4. The temperature of the conveying medium should not exceed 120℃.

5. The water inlet of the pump must be below the dynamic water level lm, but the diving depth should not exceed the static water level by 70m, and the bottom end of the electric pump should be at least lm deep from the bottom of the well.

6. It is required that the well is straight, the well wall is smooth, and the well pipes must not be staggered. If the pool is used, a radiator (diversion cover) needs to be added.


The development trend of submersible electric pump in China:

First, because the development of large and medium-sized submersible electric pumps has the advantages of simplifying the pump structure and saving investment in the construction of pumping stations, it can not only reduce costs, but also shorten the construction period. Therefore, it will be more and more widely used in municipal, industrial and mining, environmental protection, industrial and agricultural water supply and drainage in the future. It is estimated that its demand will increase day by day.

Second, domestic multi-functional and multi-purpose submersible pump products such as pumps with cutting devices, multi-stage pumps, and submersible pumps for pumping corrosive media are not enough compared with foreign countries. However, the multi-functional and multi-purpose submersible electric pump is in great demand, so it has great development prospects.

The third is: the key part of the submersible pump is to develop a high-reliability mechanical seal mechanical seal, and two single-end mechanical seals are used, so that the pressure of the medium can act on the end face, and the leakage direction is inward flow type, which are all beneficial. But the structure is slightly more complicated. Therefore, further research on structure and materials should be carried out to improve the reliability and life of submersible electric pumps.

Fourth: Various new materials and technologies will be introduced to the submersible pump to expand the application field of the submersible pump. The application of new technologies and new processes such as computer-aided design, aided manufacturing and aided testing is also imperative. Facts have proved that the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes not only liberates labor productivity, but also ensures stable and reliable product quality.

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