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Zoomlian Pump successfully obtained API certification

25 Jul 2020Email us


On July 23, 2020, Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd. successfully passed the API Spec Q1 quality management system certification audit and obtained the API Q1 certificate.


In order to further expand the scope of the centrifugal pump bidding market and smoothly enter the international market, Zoomlion Pump began preparations for the organization of API Q1 quality system certification in July 2019. It has undergone API review and acceptance of applications, system documentation, translation, technical documentation rectification, and documentation. After review and internal audits, we successfully passed the three-day on-site API Q1 audit by American Petroleum Institute auditors in June 2020. The auditors conducted a careful, objective and fair review of the operation of our company’s API Q1 system. Affirmed the results, pointed out the existing problems, the audit conclusion is that the certification audit is passed, and evidence collection is recommended, which marks the complete success of our API certification.


The APIQ1 certification work is of great significance to the company's production and operation development and opening up the international market. In order to ensure that it can successfully pass the certification, the company's leaders attach great importance to it, hold several special meetings and set up working groups composed of professionals to carry out related work. Relevant management personnel of various departments also worked overtime. One is to improve and supplement the existing quality system and complete the preparation of a quality manual that meets the requirements of the standard. The second is to sort out, supplement and modify the program files, third-level files and related records in accordance with the new quality manual. The third is to carry out training activities for all relevant personnel of the company's quality system. Fourth, the rectification of non-conforming items found during the audit was completed on time. It only took 50 days from the completion of the audit to the completion of the rectification of non-conforming items. Zoomlion Pumps is also one of the few domestic pump companies that have obtained the American Petroleum Institute API Q1 quality management system certificate.


Passing APIQ1 quality system certification is not only a high degree of affirmation of the company's product quality system management, but also an effective proof that the company's management level has been improved, and it is of great significance to the company's international market development.


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  On July 23, 2020, Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd. successfully passed the API Spec Q1 quality management system certification audit and obtain...
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